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Grand Lodge Of Ireland Freemasons' Hall

Square and Compass with the Eye Of Providence at the center, surrounded by Sunburst design
         Exterior Of the Grand Lodge with Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite pillars

Located in the heart of Dublin - directly across the street form the Irish Government which currently holds EU Presidency

Front Door on Molesworth Street
Grand Lodge Room , Old Testament Bible. Besides the Old Testament the Qurʼan , Tanakh and Bhagavad Gita are on hand.

Cherubim featuring the Moon and Star icons
All Seeing Eye Of Providence at the top of the wall , positioned to be looking directly at the Throne
Cherubim with Sun Burst Design, copy of the Qurʼan in Arabic on the left

The Throne , Seat of current Grand Master , a position of true power

The chair is placed exactly opposite the Throne, both flanked by a single Boaz pillar
The Throne Of The Grand Lodge, topped with a Royal Crown , Lion's Heads Armrests , Jachin & Boaz  Pillars on the sides

Grand Lodge Room, with large Oil paintings of Past Masters and other influential Masons

The Egyptian Room also called The Royal Arch Room

Egyptian Pharaoh Heads with 7-tipped Menorah Lamps provide light for night-time ceremonies
Elaborate and beautiful stained glass windows with the Seal Of Solomon provide light during the day

Name Of God in Hebrew inside sunburst Pyramid

The tables in the room featured golden hoofed goats legs of Azazel / Pan / Baphomet / Black Goat of the Woods
The design depicted here, "All Seeing Eye Of God " , has been removed in favor of The Royal Arch Mason Symbol

                                                    Royal Arch Master Mason J. Fox Goodman

                   Beautiful Triptych Stained Glass Windows dedicated to various Lodges

                                     Stained Glass dedicated to The Shakespeare Lodge

                                                                                        "Charity Never Faileth "

                Queen Victoria Patron Finial above the The Knights Templar Preceptory entrance

                                                 The Knights Templar Preceptory

                                 Grand Master's Chair in the Knights Templar Preceptory

                                                              Knights Templar Preceptory


Sculptures of Knights in the arches

 Knights Templar Icon in the Floor design

Knights Templar Black & White Ball ballots

Mark Mason Lodge Room

                                                        Fireplace in the Mark Mason Lodge Room
                         Pyramid shaped tables with goats legs, Masonic chair with Level Icon carving
                                Pentagonal chair with Mark Mason pyramid inside circle icon
                                                          Pentagram on vent shaft
Seven Sided Star tiled mosaic on the floor
Lights with 23.5 Degree Pyramid design

                                            Entrance to the Ancient Order Lodge Room

                                                           Ancient Order Lodge Room

                                       Fireplace in the Ancient Order Lodge Room

              Masonic voting system for induction of new members ; white and black marble balls

                                                              Colonel Claude Cane
                                                    Square and Compass doorknocker
                                                      Masonic Old Testable Bible

                                                                      Masonic Tools

                           Masonic regalia and pins featuring the Seal Of Solomon design

                            Masonic Holy Bible - The Old Testament , Lambskin Apron

Jachin and Boaz Pillars , 3 Masonic Candle Sticks, rough and smooth stones

       The mother Pelican pecking her breast to feed her 7 babies. The pelican feeding her young with her blood is a prominent symbol of the Eighteenth or Rose Croix Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and was adopted as such from the fact that the pelican, in ancient Christian art, was considered as the emblem of the Savior.

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